Please let us know of ANY pre-existing medical conditions we need to be aware of (diabetes, seizures, congestive heart failure, etc.), or list any specific medical procedures you would like us to perform on your pet. Please make an appointment with our Veterinarians at Casper Animal Medical Center prior to your boarding date for these procedures/appointments.

Sunrise Pet Lodge also offers Doggie Daycare, Monday through Friday, for working pet parents and for those times when you need to leave your pet with reliable care takers when you have places to go and things to do. Save up to 15% when you buy a 10-day or 20-day Doggie Daycare Package in advance!Medications will be given to your pet according to the instructions you leave at check-in. Please call the Pet Resort staff in advance to discuss what medications you will be bringing and what charges will be incurred. To protect the health of our guests, we do require that pets be current on vaccinations and free of internal and external parasites.


Being away from home can be more stressful for older pets than for younger ones. They are more set in their ways, and their patterns more deeply ingrained. Dogs and cats love patterns such as knowing what is going to happen, and when it will happen. Changing those patterns can upset them. Additionally, geriatric pets are more likely to have underlying health problems. Deafness and blindness are not uncommon in senior pets. Kidney, heart, and liver disease are often associated with age. Arthritis and other degenerative conditions can make it difficult for them to get around. Boarding, especially if your pet has never been boarded or boarded infrequently, may cause these conditions to become apparent or worsen. Casper Animal Medical Center’s veterinarians are available to attend your senior pet and monitor any health concerns that may arise while boarding with us.