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Sunrise Pet Lodge


Sunrise Pet Lodge’s daycare is a place where you can leave your dog for a day of fun and have peace of mind that they will be safe, happy and tired when you pick them up.

Dog Daycare

We offer social and stimulating dog daycare with Day Play. This is ideal for pets who have companions who work away from home and commute in the Casper, Mills, Evansville, and Glenrock areas. Our number one priority is safety. To ensure the safety of all our daycare participants, each new candidate is given an evaluation and Meet and Greet appointment before being permitted into our playgroups.

Our play areas feature:

  • Spacious temperature-controlled indoor area

  • Play structures and multiple yards for enrichment and room for all sizes of canines

  • Plentiful drinking stations throughout play areas

  • Individual playtimes, including brain games and puzzles, tug of war, and fetch

  • Summertime pool parties for all canines to enjoy

Full-Day Play: Best for those sociable and outgoing companions to make new friends. Over EIGHT hours of playtime and socialization; your best friend will go home happy and tired!

Half-Day Play: Up to FIVE hours of playtime and socialization, this is best for young and adolescent dogs not quite ready for all-day play or your older sociable companions to keep active and young at heart.

Daycare Gold - (20 Full Day Package: $400 | 20 Half Day Package: $280)

Daycare Silver - (10 Full Day Package: $210 | 10 Half Day Package: $150)

Daycare Bronze - (5 Full Day Package: $110)

Day by Day Play - (Full Day: $24 | Half Day: $16)

*Packages expire 1 year after purchase.

*Your pet must be spayed or neutered after 6 months of age to participate in group play. Puppies must be at least 14 weeks of age and up to date on all required vaccinations for two weeks prior to their first play date. Please contact the pet lodge for additional information.

Day Boarding: Designed for our more “people-oriented” guests or guests needing more than 3 days of daycare a week. It includes a relaxing private suite, multiple potty walks, room service, and up to 3 meals/snacks, and individual play.

  • Single Day: $24

*For more information about daycare, please head over to our Q & A page!