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Regular grooming is essential to the maintenance of your pet's health. Keep your pet smelling and looking attractive, prevent parasites, and skin irritations.

Pet Grooming for Dogs and Cats


While grooming should be done on a consistent basis, the frequency to which your pet needs to be groomed will depend somewhat on daily routines, coat type, age and general health. In addition, your pet will benefit from regular brushing to remove any loose hairs and dead skin cells, to rid the coat of debris and external parasites, and to disseminate skin oils that form along the hair shafts. We can assist in recommending the proper tools to use for your pet's coat type. If your pet suffers from allergies, our veterinarian (make the word “veterinarian” a link to Casper Animal Medical Center) may prescribe regular bathing as part of the treatment routine.

Meet our Groomer!

Sunrise Pet Lodge is excited to introduce our new groomer, Tianna Hurley, at The Groom Room. Tianna has over 15 years of experience is able to groom all breeds, including cats. She is now providing all grooming services for our lodge. For more information on pricing and to set up an appointment, feel free to call her at (307) 262-2685.

*All pets must meet the Sunrise Pet Lodge vaccination policy found on the Q&A tab

Grooming Services during Your Pet’s Stay

If plans are set in advance, Tianna is able to groom your dog during daycare or your boarding stay! As a part of your boarding package, you may already be receiving a complimentary bath by one of our Sunrise Pet Lodge employees!